Navigating the Depths of Connection:

Understanding Queer Platonic Relationships

· LGBTQI,Queering relationships

When it comes to navigating relationships, we are often faced with the unfortunate division between friend versus lover. Fortunately, in recent years new ways to understand interpersonal connections have arisen,
and with this the concept of the Queer Platonic Relationship (aka QPR).

QPRs are premised on deep, intimate connections between individuals that do not conform with societal expectations in terms of the strength of emotional bonds that are forged nor are they constrained because of a lack of romantic or sexual contact.

QPRs are anchored in the shape-shifting nature of the queer persona. By which, of course, I mean there is no such thing as the “queer persona”: diverse and unique expression within the queer community knows no bounds!

Indeed it is the fluidity of an individual’s presentation and the importance attached to authenticity is what allows QPRs to flourish. As with all interpersonal relationships communication and consent are fundamental. What is unique to QPRs is that that communication takes place (and that consent is sought) in the absence of societally defined parameters. There are no predefined expectations. As such QPRs are free to evolve over time as the individuals engaged in them develop and change.

Imagine the pure pleasure of holding hands in the street or snuggling on the sofa over a movie, without the societal pressures associated with romance!

We are still a long way from immunizing such relationships from society’s lack of awareness and understanding and those engaged in QPRs still face misconceptions and judgement. However, those inhabiting the queer space have already faced-off against many societal challenges with resilience and
confidence. The depth of the connection within QPRs may indeed be parasitic on this shared path.

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