The meaning of 'heteroflexible'

Exploring sexuality and sexual fluidity

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I was recently browsing Feeld with a friend who is questioning her sexuality and beginning to explore opportunities to play with men and couples.

A number of guys showed up identifying as “heteroflexible”and she asked me the meaning of the term.

In my experience, men who identify as heteroflexible have a widerange of different intentions when using the term.

For example, it may be used to indicate that the gentlemanin question is open to gang bangs and is indicating that they are comfortable with proximity to other men and their genitals. It may also be used to indicate an interest in transgender or non-binary or gender fluid partners.

Or it may indicate an active interest in receiving or givingoral sex with other men.

I have also heard the term used as an identifier by men who like to engage in full sex with other men but do not feel the label “bisexual” is appropriate for them because they only enter into romantic relationships with women.


As part of the conversation we discussed the current use of the term and the positive impact it appears to have had on allowing more individuals to explore their sexuality outside of the societal myths about the gay/straight dichotomy.

The best advice: if you are interested to explore the landscapeof heteroflexibility it is always best to ask exactly what each potential partner means by heteroflexible!